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17 June 2012 @ 09:34 pm
Title: Missing

Author: amsthedamned

Pairing/Subject: Arioka Daiki (Daiki x OC)

Rating: G

Genre: Friendship, Fluff






It had taken almost every single ounce of strength he had to reach over from under the sheets to shut his alarm up. Arioka Daiki slowly opened his eyes, his vision still trying to picture out his room. Stupid alarm clock; it had woke him up from his sleep. But nevertheless, he needed to get up sooner or later or else his manager would strangle him.

He sat up, scratching the back of his head. He was still half asleep in this state. He had messy bed hair going in all directions, as sure sign he had slept well that night. He looked at the time; 6 AM. It was sure pretty early for him. Daiki wanted to lay in bed again just for the sake of passing time. But he was scared he might sleep and be late.

He pushed the covers away using his feet and sat on the side of the bed, running a hand through his hair. He seriously didn’t want to go to work today but he needed to. He wasn’t going to do anything as well at home so might as well see the rest of JUMP.

Daiki opened his phone and looked at some of the messages. Others were from Kei; that man was always up early ever since he had university and even though his classes were in the afternoon already, he would still wake up early and message different and random members. Though everyone knew the person he bugged the most would be Kota.

He scrolled through the daily messages he would get. Reminders from manager, subscriptions updates and such. Nothing caught his eye. He locked his phone again and sighed deeply. Today he thought would be different. He was expecting to hear from someone. It had already been two months since he heard from her.

Had she forgotten him already? Did she disappear?

Questions and random situations were forming in his head. He had to stop it. Daiki stood up from bed and walked over to his closet. He grabbed the clothes he was going to wear today and went off to take a shower.

He prayed that this day would pass by quickly.


“Daiki, you ok?” Kei patted his back after noticing the penguin sitting on the couch, silent and staring off into space. Daiki kept tapping a pencil, his face a blank expression as if he were thinking of something deep. Hikaru looked at him, quite surprised.

“I’m fine,” he replied, bringing the pencil to his lips and started biting the end. In his hand was a blank piece of paper. It had been blank for the past hours. He didn’t know what to put. In the first place, why was there a paper in his hand anyways?

“Fine?” Yuya questioned. “You don’t look fine.” Some of the members nodded. After working with each other for years, it would only take a second for them to find out if one of them was sad.

“You’ve been silent since you came in.” Yuto commented. “It’s not like you to be quiet.”

“I agree.” Chinen nodded. It was typical for Chinen to agree with everything.

“I said I’m fine guys.” Daiki said, putting the paper and pencil on the coffee table. Was he really fine or was he just covering it up? Even the others were saying there was something wrong with him. Maybe there really was.

“You know Daiki,” Kota spoke. “You can tell us anything.”

Daiki breathed deep and sighed. What was there to tell them? He hadn’t talked to his friend in months and he was worried about her? It would sound completely wrong especially for an idol like him with a status like that. But, maybe he could trust them. After all, they had been through a lot together. It would mean a lot to him as well if his friends and comrades would listen to when he needed someone, or in this case some people to be there for him.

“Thanks.” He smiled, for the first time that entire day. The others smiled at him. Daiki sighed. He was going to tell them.

“It’s because-“

The door flew open, stopping Daiki from saying anything more. Their manager walked in with a smile on his face and holding some papers.

“We got some work boys!” he said and started handing out the papers.

Daiki sighed. Maybe it could wait.


Daiki arrived home. Surprisingly no one was home yet. Daiki threw his shoes aside and went to his room. He looked at his phone again, checking the messages and mail. Still nothing. No word from her. Daiki’s heart sank a bit.

He plopped down on his bed, his phone still in his hand. What time was it where she was? It was already early evening there; probably afternoon or something. Daiki scrolled through his contacts until he reached her name. He looked at the call option. He had wanted to press that for days. He never mustered up the courage to.

Without even realizing it, his thumb landed on the screen and pressed the button.

“Ara…?” he shot up and looked at his phone screen. The service provider was already putting the call through. He knew his bill was going to go drastically high for this month just because of this call. But, he didn’t do this every day. He brought his phone closer to his face; he could hear the phone ringing.

Daiki felt his heart beat faster.

The ringing sound stopped and Daiki wanted to press “End Call” that moment.

“Bon Jour?” a familiar yet foreign voice greeted him. After all this time, there was still the warmth in her voice. Daiki relaxed and smiled like an idiot. He had always liked hearing her voice. It was soothing to his ears.

“Ah.. I-Ixavelle-san..” he stuttered. What the hell had he gone into? He just stuttered on the phone. Someone please kill him now.

“Daiki!” she chirped on the other line. “How are you?” he heard her chuckle from the other end of the line. If she was chuckling, did that mean, she was happy to hear him? That feeling made an inevitable smile on his face.

He sure missed her. 

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